Payment method

Payment method

There will be no worries about the payment. You can book your trip with Egypt Joy Travel from wherever and whenever and payment should be as following :

1 - Full package & Nile Cruises Booking : Spaces will be secured upon receiving a deposit of 25%, and during the high seasons the required deposit is 50%.

2 - One or Two Day Tours (except tours using flights): Just pay when you arrive in Egypt.

Most of prices mentioned here for the trips are all in US Dollars, but we also accept payments in Great British Pound (GBP), Euros and even Egyptian Pounds according to the current exchange rate in the Egyptian Banks. It is not recommended to change your money home to Egyptian Pounds and keep it until arriving in Egypt, as the rate is much better here. 

Payment by Credit/Debit Cards will charge you more 2.5 % added as a transaction fee. Our Credit Card machines take payments just in Egyptian Pounds, Therefore we will convert the prices first in Egyptian Pounds according to the exchange rate on this day, and then we will have the payment.

* A receipt will be given to the client proves the collected money.