Best Egypt Bridges between Past and modern

Best Egypt Bridges between Past and modern

The land of Egypt is full of monuments and historical sites. Even its bridges have a glorious history. Egypt houses many historical bridges, the construction of which began in 1856 during the reign of Khedive Said Pasha. In this article we will describe the best five bridges in Egypt as follows:

  • Esna Lock

Esna Lock has 2 entrances, the front entrance is 32 meters in length while the back entrance is 29.3 meters long. 40 meters in depth Diaphragm walls deep been used to construct the Lock and a bridge been constructed and rested over the walls. Filling the lock with water and emptying it is carried out through 4 automatic gates while there is a control tower which manages filling and emptying the lock which takes about 6 minutes. The lock is a scenic photo spot for the Nile travelers while crossing on board their Nile cruises onto Edfu coming from Luxor or onto Luxor from Edfu departing from Aswan.

  • Stanley Bridge in Alexandria

Stanley Bridge is the first bridge in Egypt to be constructed over the sea, allowing natives and visitors to experience the architectural style of the cosmopolitan Egyptian city. It is considered by many to be a major part of the reconstruction and decoration of Alexandria beach. The design of the Stanley Bridge is so remarkable, as its columns are fixed in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The bridge is named after the district where it is built. It has four towers designed in the Islamic style by the famous constructing company Arab Contractors to compliment the royal palace in Al Montazah. Over the years, Stanley Bridge has become one of the most remarkable landscapes in Alexandria, offering many recreational activities, like fishing.

  • The Qasr El Nil Bridge

The Qasr El Nil Bridge (originally named Khedive Ismail Bridge), also commonly spelled Kasr El Nil Bridge, is a historic structure dating from 1931 which replaced the first bridge to span the Nile River in central Cairo, Egypt. It connects Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo to the modern Cairo Opera complex toward the southern end of Gezira Island. At the bridge's east and west approaches are four large bronze lion statues; they are late 19th-century works by Henri Alfred Jacquemart, French sculptor and animalier. The newer and wider 6th October Bridge parallels its route 0.8 kilometers (0.50 mi) just to the north.

  • The 6th October Bridge

The 6th October Bridge is an elevated highway in central Cairo, Egypt. The 20.5-kilometre (12.7 mi) bridge and causeway crosses the Nile twice from the west bank suburbs, east through Gezira Island to Downtown Cairo, and on to connect the city to the Cairo International Airport to the east. The bridge and causeway were completed in 1996, with construction taking nearly 30 years. It began in 1969 with the modest, 130 meters (430 ft.)-long Phase 1, which only spanned the smaller west branch of the Nile from Gezira to Agouza (built from May 1969 to August 1972). Phase 9 completed the 21.193 kilometers (13.169 mi)-long final length in 2005. The '6th October Bridge and Flyover' runs from the Agricultural Museum in Dokki east to the Autostrade in Nasr City. The 6th October Bridge and causeway has been declared a national infrastructure project. In April 2021, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi gave the order to expand and upgrade the bridge, as well as the roads underneath it.

  • Rod El-Farag Axis "Tahya Masr Bridge"

The bridge is considered the widest bridge in the world, in addition to the fact that it includes the largest navigational opening across the Nile that allows the passage of major floating hotels, and a glass walkway along the bridge for citizens. The height of the bridge columns is 96 meters above the surface of the water, the width of the bridge in the middle is 67.3 meters, and the width of the navigational aperture is 300 meters. It is based on 6 columns, 3 on the eastern side and 3 on the western side, while the total weight of the upper metal structure is 10,000 tonnes.  


Esna Lock Stanley Bridge in AlexandriaThe Qasr El Nil BridgeThe 6th October BridgeRod El-Farag Axis