80 years old lady travels from Cape Town to Cairo using old car

The African Conquest started when a listener named of Julia Albu, called in the show to tell John Maytham that she was planning to drive her 20-year-old vehicle (1997 Toyota) from Cape Town to Cairo with over 300 000 kms.

Albu departed from the West Coast on the 13th of June 2017 and arrived in Cairo two weeks ago. It took approximately 4 – 5 months because she had to make some stops on the way for repairs.
Albu says that she took an unplanned trip to Uganda because her son urged her to visit the festive country. Albu adds that when she reached the Egyptian border, she ended up sleeping in a cafeteria with 7 Egyptians for two nights.

When she was asked if she felt insecure during her trip. She said "The only time I felt insecure was when I gave a lift to somebody, and at the next border post they pulled him out of my car. After some yelling and screaming we managed to sort it out."