Portable Wifi Device Rental

Portable Wifi Device Rental

Portable wifi device will give you an access to the Internet in a cheap price, a high speed and any time everywhere in Sharm El Sheikh. Just Try It.

Why pay extortionate wifi charges in the hotels? Why do you always have to go to reception to connect, why wait for somebody else to disconnect before you can connect to the internet.


The quick and easy way to connect to the internet here in all Sharm El Sheikh and to stay in touch with friends, family and of course work 24/7.

All laptops, tablets and mobile phones must be wireless enabled units.

Each wifi unit will come fully charged with data and ready to use in a high speed (wherever you stay) as soon as you have arrived. If more data is required during your stay? then this can easily be uploaded.

Small, portable mobile device that can handle up to 10 devices at any one time within a 10 meter radius.

Each wifi unit will come with a prepaid amount of data credit which under normal usage is plenty for emails, Facebook and Skype.


    Collections We deliver daily to all hotels and collect on the day of departure.

    Duration: As long as you wish

    DEPOSIT REQUIRED: A deposit of £30 is payable upon receipt of the unit and is fully refundable upon return of the unit.

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